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Tire rates (may NOT go the landfill)

• 1-10 car or light truck tires — $2.50 each

• 1-10 car or light truck tires on rim —

$3.50 each

• 10 tires or more — $200 per ton

• Agricultural, off-road implement, and large tires — $270 per ton

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Affordable Appliance Rates

Recycle your home appliances, including stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, deep freezers, microwaves, furnaces, and more for $7.50 each at Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency. Appliances may not be disposed of in the trash. Inquire at office for disposal instructions.

Clinton County residents may dispose of sharps at no charge through the RCC program. $3 per gallon charge for the businesses and out of county residents. Sharps may NOT go to the landfill.

FREE scrap metal recycling

Uncovered and unsecured loads

are subject to a $25 fee.

• Bicycles

• Lawnmowers

• Fences

• Feed bunkers

• Chairs

• Must be free of contaminants

Electronic waste (may NOT go to the landfill)

You may bring an item that contains a circuit board:


• Computer towers or CPUs, small or regular printers and copiers — $5 each

• ALL computer monitors and televisions (screen size 20 inches or less) — $10 each

• Large copier or printers — $10 each

• Televisions (screen size over 20 inches) — $15 each.

• Businesses and schools — $5 per unit  (for all e-waste items not listed above)


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Affordable Appliance Rates Tire rates FREE scrap metal recycling

All business tires and semi and larger tires will be weighed