About the Clinton County Solid Waste Agency

The Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency is located in Clinton, Iowa. Our agency serves the County of Clinton for solid waste disposal and recycling programs. CCASWA was formed in 1972 under a 28 E Agreement, which is each city and county in the Clinton County area have ownership of the agency. This agency was formed to create a regionalized landfill. Until this time, each city had been responsible for its own solid waste disposal area.

December 13, 1974, two landfills opened in Clinton County. One site was placed at the current location at 4292 220th. St. in Clinton. The other landfill opened in Welton, Iowa located in the middle of the county on old US Highway 61 North. The Welton site closed in 1989.

Along the way, recycling programs began to take place in Clinton County. Items such as tires, yard waste, and appliances were not allowed to be disposed of in the landfill.

In 1991, the Recycling Center opened and curbside recycling started in Clinton County. Materials such as plastic, cardboard, newspaper, and tin are now kept out of the landfill. Items such as these are shipped out to be made into new items such as milk jugs, plastic lumber, floor matting, and other items that are made out of metal. In 2019, the Recycling Center became a single stream transfer station for recyclable materials.

the RRC building with the public drop-off sign in front.

The Regional Collection Center opens in 1995

the RRC building with the public drop-off sign in front.

The Regional Collection Center started in 1995 taking household hazardous materials from homes in Cedar, Clinton, and Jackson Counties. Materials that are collected are paints, cleaners, home improvement items and automobile products.

Modernizing the Landfill

Another major step for the CCASWA came in late September 2007, when the Agency opened its first Subtitle D Compliant landfill cell. It was the first alternately lined landfill cell for the Agency. The lined landfill allows for easy collection and treatment of trash contaminated leachate water. This protects the groundwater and ultimately the environment.

More expansion with the Public Drop-off Center

In 2014, CCASWA opened its first citizen's convenience public drop-off (PDO) area. The PDO utilized the tipping floor of the former Bio-Reactor solid waste composting vessel. Small vehicles can use the area Monday-Friday and stay away from the landfill and the large trucks there. The PDO also offers the agency a second chance at pulling recycling that may have been missed in patrons' loads.

Solid waste and recycling has come along away from the days of open dumps. CCASWA is proud of the achievements that we have done to create sound environmentally friendly programs for our residents in Clinton County, Iowa.

Affordable Landfill Rates

Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency will charge you a minimum of $10 for your first 440 pounds of waste or yard waste. Any weight over 440 pounds graduates up to the $44 per ton rate. Hard to Handle Waste, such as railroad ties, telephone poles, etc., is charged at a rate of $90 per ton. You are subject to a $100 fee if you bring an uncovered or unsecured load.

Bring us your rubble, concrete, and other large pieces. Large pieces must be less than one cubic foot.
You will be charged $5 per ton for concrete, concrete blocks, black top, solid fill, brick, and sand.

Secured load rule pdf Overall Facility Rules:

Inclement Weather & Wind Closure Policy

Easy-to-use public drop-off area

the RRC building with the public drop-off sign in front.

You may use our public drop-off area for your truck, car, van, or SUV for no additional cost. This service is only available Monday - Friday (M-Thurs 7:30A-4:30P, Friday Hours 7:30A-3P).

the RRC building with the public drop-off sign in front.

Weigh across the scale as normal. Signs will direct you to the Quonset or hoop building on the east side of the property. This is a covered area on cement, with no mud and less exposure to bad weather.

Unload your waste on the cement. Return to the scale, reverse of the route you took, weigh out, stay on the scale, and come in the office to pay.

Drop-off Area Rules:

All materials prohibited from going to the landfill are also prohibited from the public drop-off area.

What is Considered Hazardous Material?

The Regional Collection Center of Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency collects hazardous materials that are combustible, corrosive, reactive, or toxic. Items include insect repellants, pool chemicals, oil-based paint, furniture polishes, and gasoline. (These items may not go the the landfill!)

The service is FREE to Clinton County residents. Clinton County residents may drop off these materials WITHOUT an appointment during normal business hours.

Bring us your weed killers, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners, light bulbs, and more.

Common Household Materials

  • Household Cleaners
  • Home Improvement
  • Automotive Products
  • Pesticides
  • Miscellaneous
  • Batteries (Rechargeable, Lithium, Non-Alkaline, Etc.)
  • Flourescent Light Bulbs


CCASWA accepts medical sharps for FREE from Clinton County residents. There is a $3 per gallon charge for businesses and out of country residents.


Large Variety of Products to Recycle

Bring your plastic food containers #1 - #7, tin cans (no labels), glass food jars, aluminum foil, pans, newspapers, corrugated cardboard (3' x 3'), cereal boxes, shoe boxes, tissue boxes, frozen food boxes, soda boxes, magazines, and more to Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency. No need to sort. It's single stream recycling. Out of county recycling costs $45 per ton.
All recycled items must be generally free of contaminants.

Some plastics are not accepted

  • Plastic films and bags
  • Containers for hazardous materials
  • All Styrofoam products
  • Lids containing Styrofoam inserts
  • Medical supplies
  • Plastic without a recycling symbol
  • Large, bulky, or oversized items

Business recycling program

All paper products you're trying to recycle should be dry.

Bring the recycled items from your business to Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency. Businesses may be charged for harder to process materials such as glass.

All recycled materials need to be clean with no lids or other interior packaging.

Secured load rule pdf

Reaching out to the Community

Let Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency come to your school or speak to your group for a fun and educational session. You may also visit us for an eye-opening tour of our facility.

Clinton County Area Enviro Kids

Clinton County Area Enviro Kids is a summer program for children in third through fifth grade. The program is co-sponsored by CCASWA and eco-friendly businesses.

Your children will have a great time with this program; also it helps them to learn more about how they can care for the environment.

Tour our Facility

Visit Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency's recycling center and see how the plastic is sorted and all the other materials are processed. Director of Operations and Education, Brad Seward will conduct your tour.

Schedule a Tour

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Affordable Appliance Rates

Recycle your home appliances, including stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines, dryers, deep freezers, microwaves, furnaces, dehumidifiers, and more for $10 each at Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency. Out of County residents/businesses will be charged $15 each for appliances. Appliances may not be disposed of in the trash. Inquire at office for disposal instructions.

Tire rates (May NOT go to the landfill)

All business tires and semi and larger tires will be weighed

  • 1-10 car or light truck tires - $5 each
  • 1-10 car or light truck tires on rim - $10 each
  • 10 tires or more - $300 per ton
  • Agricultural, off-road implement, and large tires - $400 per ton

FREE scrap metal recycling

  • Bicycles
  • Lawnmowers
  • Fences
  • Feed bunkers
  • Chairs
  • Must be free of contaminants

Electronic waste (May NOT go to the landfill)

You may bring an item that contains a circuit board:

Click here to see our recycling rates.

Composting is Good for the Environment

Clinton County Area Solid Waste Agency encourages you to compost in your backyard. It is very easy. Instead of burning yard waste, set up a compost bin in your back yard. Let us help you simplify the composting process.

Compost materials

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Garden materials
  • Fruit scraps
  • Vegetable scraps
  • Paper

Maintaining a successful compost bin

Mix your materials with water from time to time. The moisture content should be the same as a wrung-out wet sponge.

Looking for affordable, composted Woody Mulch? Composted, wood, landscape residuals are on sale for $5 per ton.

Job Openings

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